4 Myths About Booking Your Quinceañera

salon de fiestas en escondido

4 Myths About Booking Your Quinceañera: 

Myth #1: You have to have your Quince on a date close to your actual birthday

Reality: Being flexible with the date of your Quince will help you as far as your budget is concerned because if you select a date during not-so-popular months like Januar, May or November, your parents and padrinos will definitely save money. We recommend visiting us in person to check available dates.

Myth #2: Saturday is the best day to have the party
Reality: Although many think Saturday’s are ideal to celebrate Quinceaneras, keep in mind how much you can save if you choose a Friday or a Sunday instead. Not only will you save money on the venue but on the rest of the party planning services as well. We are currently offering amazing discounts for 2018 Friday and Sunday events. Call (760) 989-5655 and ask for John or Christian for more information regarding this exclusive offer.

Myth #3: Having the ceremony and the reception at different locations is a must
Reality: There are venues where you can celebrate both the religious ceremony and the reception. A great benefit to this type of Quinceañera venue is that your guests are not forced to travel at all. Our banquet hall has this option.

Myth #4: Hall Rentals are Cheaper Than Packages
Reality: Sometimes it’s best to purchase all-inclusive packages because it all builds up in the long run if you rent the venue alone and not to mention the overwhelming stress involved in the planning process. Our affordable packages include the venue itself, decor, a V-DJ, a princess room, LED dance floor, party lights, etc.

We are experts when it comes to quinceañeras (and any special event, for that matter). Contact us now for booking information: (760) 989-5655.