Quinceañera Decorations

Customizing your quinceañera: One of the best parts of having a Quinceañera is the fact that you get to customize the details of your special day, especially the decorations. We understand this! At our venue, unique decorations are included in the package. Having hosted hundreds and hundreds of events, we have incorporated a variety of themes: Alice in the Wonderland, Paris’s Eiffel tower, Candyland, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Great Gatsby, etc. (all in addition to the different color combinations). It’s in[…]

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Quinceanera Vals

A Quinceañera Celebration

  Keeping tradition alive in a modern world To the unfamiliar, that is, the non-Spanish, how does one explain what a Quinceanera is? “Oh, it’s a big party we hold for a girl’s fifteenth birthday, she dresses up in a beautiful gown, there’s a limo, a church ceremony, a tiara, a bible, choreographed traditional dances, dancing … you know, Quinceanera!” The person still looks confused. “You mean a wedding for a kid!” Really, you can’t blame them. Unless you’ve been[…]

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Wedding Decor

A Fairytale QUINCEANERA/SWEET 16 Party

When your little princess begins her journey to becoming a young woman. All the details of your celebration will be specially chosen to cater to your taste and budget at the Facotry of Dreams. We have a great selection of vendors who will work with you every step of the way. We Are With You From the Moment You Decide to Have an Event, Till the Last Picture is Taken! We Will Be Your Guides Every Step of the Way[…]

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