Plan a Luxury Wedding Reception for Renewing Your Vows

Plan a Luxury Wedding Reception for Renewing Your Vows

Maybe you got married many years ago and you did not have the wedding that you wanted when you first were married.  It could be that you did not have the time of money to plan a very nice event.

When you think about it you have always wanted to have a nice wedding and beautiful fun filled wedding reception to share with your entire family, with you children included.

Here are some steps to make sure you get what you want for renewing your vows.

Renewing your vows is a special celebration for a married couple. It is often done on a big anniversary (tenth, twentieth, fiftieth, etc.) or when a couple has gone through a rough period and wants to reaffirm their commitments to each other. It could also be the large, expensive celebration you couldn’t afford when you first got married. While there are general guidelines you can follow, note that there are many ways to tailor the experience to the wishes of you and your spouse.

Pick a place that’s large enough to hold your guests and which gives off the impression you are going for. If you plan on a large celebration, then you should plan for it at least a year to six months in advance, so that everyone you want to be there has time to make travel arrangements and does not make conflicting plans. This will also give you more freedom to select a venue, as many venues get booked fast.

  • Don’t limit yourself to traditional venues if you’re not a traditional couple. In addition to churches and reception halls, you can also renew your vows on a beach or on a mountain top — anywhere that is special for you and your spouse. Pick out a location that means something to the both of you and try to go from there.
  • When picking your venue, also keep your guests in mind. If you are anywhere in San Diego county, especially in the north county near Carlsbad, contact the factory of dreams to get a quote on their beautiful venue.

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