Selecting the Perfect Cake for Your Event

Selecting the Perfect Cake for Your Event

Who doesn’t love the part of sampling and selecting the perfect cake for their event.  With so many flavors and a variety of color to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  Too ensure you are completely satisfied with your selection, whatever the event may be, be sure to follow the steps I am going to list below.  

1. Look & Ask Around 

Your search for a cake designer should start bout 3 to 6 months before the event.  Maybe even sooner if you are looking for a baker who is in high-demand.  Some baker’s are scheduling a full year out due to demand for their cakes.

Looking around, google searching, and word of mouth are going to be your best options for finding the prefect baker for you.  Word of mouth is the best option, so if you kn ow someone who just recently had a celebration of some sort, ask them if they recommend anyone.

2. Narrow the Search 

Most bakers and cake designers showcase their work on a website, that will give you an idea of whether or not they are the baker for you, you also have a pretty good chance at deciding if you want to use them by a phone conversation as well, so give them a call and ask a few questions.  Don’t forget to ask to ask for an estimated price range per guest. The ideal cake designer is someone whose personality sets you at ease and with whom you communicate well.

When you first go and meet a baker, look through their portfolio, make sure you double check their skills on the details you know you want.  Make sure the baker has the resources and man power to get the job done to your standards in the time frame given.  Also, make sure you are tasting samples of some of the choices you are interested in.  DO NOT compromise the taste for the look of the cake.

3. Keep Talking  

Once you have booked your baker, you will need to begin creating the cake.  Make sure to share as many images as possible that have caught you eye.  Give as much information as possible about your wedding, such as the location, your dress, formality level, the color(s), flowers and menu.

While creating keep in mind to taste like 4 or 5 cake-and-filling combinations, to find what you looking for.  Price will be based on the size of the cake, the amount of labor needed to create it and the cost of its ingredients. More experienced or reputable pros are usually pricier. 

4. Put it in Writing 

To ensure you get exactly what you want, check that all the details, including the date, place and time of the event, plus the style and flavors of the cake, are in your contract with the designer. Your baker should update the contract anytime you change your mind, and as you choose further details. Whether it’s with a written description or a sketch, it should be clear exactly how your cake will look on the day of your special event. 

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