Selecting the Perfect Cake for Your Event

Selecting the Perfect Cake for Your Event Who doesn’t love the part of sampling and selecting the perfect cake for their event.  With so many flavors and a variety of color to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  Too ensure you are completely satisfied with your selection, whatever the event may be, be sure to follow the steps I am going to list below.   1. Look & Ask Around  Your search for a cake designer should start bout 3 to[…]

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Quinceanera Vals

A Quinceañera Celebration

  Keeping tradition alive in a modern world To the unfamiliar, that is, the non-Spanish, how does one explain what a Quinceanera is? “Oh, it’s a big party we hold for a girl’s fifteenth birthday, she dresses up in a beautiful gown, there’s a limo, a church ceremony, a tiara, a bible, choreographed traditional dances, dancing … you know, Quinceanera!” The person still looks confused. “You mean a wedding for a kid!” Really, you can’t blame them. Unless you’ve been[…]

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